Emma Tecklenburg

“I started working out with Robert during my high school years and have since trained with him for the past 4 years. I always love coming home to train with him because he has been the biggest motivator, supporter, encourager, and all around best coach you could ask for. He puts so much time into each of his athletes and it’s so apparent by how many of his players love him and constantly come back from college to train with him. I have come to him with many injuries and problems that have prevented me from working out and he has always found a way to help me get stronger safely while recovering. Rob has taught me so many new things, and it’s unbelievable how much stronger I am after spending a summer working out in his gym. We have spent countless hours working on perfecting techniques and I can honestly say I am always so much happier to complete my reps in the weight room when I have Rob cheering me on. He is so supportive and always knows I can do more, lift heavier, jump higher, even before I know it myself. He is very invested in his players and cares for all of them. I love coming into the gym and hearing him tell stories about how proud he is of his previous players and bragging about them doing well in college because it’s just another example of what a great coach he is. He is someone who truly puts in the time and effort to get to know you and help push you past your limits so you can succeed to the best of your abilities. I could not be more thankful for Rob training me the past few years, it is always the highlight of my summer to come home and train with him.”

-Emma Tecklenburg