Riley Wertzburger

“I’ve been training with Robert Brown for about 4 years now. I started out with him my sophomore club season as a scrawny player but, with Roberts skill in pushing his Athletes to another level I’ve become a strong competitive college player. Going into my freshman year, my college strength coach’s expectations for the skill and technique of my lifts as a freshman were far exceeded because of Roberts knowledge of what is needed to succeed as a college athlete and the dedication he puts into to making sure each of his athletes understand the technique and can successfully do each lift. I have had several injuries throughout the years and Robert never fails to adjust a workout so I can still get everything I need to out of it and helps to rehab injuries, something not a lot of trainers focus on doing. Lastly, Robert not only pushes his athletes physically but develops strong relationships and a care for each of us. He cares about and understands the stress and work each girl goes through to achieve their goals and helps physically and mentally through it all. I know I can always rely on Robert for anything and still continue to train with him during my summers because I know he will get me ready to go back for preseason.”

-Riley Wertzburger