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“Robert Brown helped me improve immensely as an athlete over the 3 years that I trained with him. He not only puts each individual through workouts that will help them become the best they can be at volleyball, but he also cares about each person he trains. I looked forward to going to train with Robert each day because he challenged me in each workout and also made me laugh and have fun while working hard.

When I first started training with Robert, I never thought I would have been able to do what I am capable of today in the gym. Robert pushes each individual and motivates them to keep going when they are struggling and want to give up. He gives you workouts designed to push you to the next level, and he will explain each exercise and fix your form if anything is wrong so you won’t risk injury.

The workouts that Robert has you do will challenge you mentally and physically and are worth every bit of your time if you are looking to improve as an athlete as well as in the sport of volleyball. Robert is the best trainer I have ever worked with and there is not enough positive things that I can say about him. If you are looking to drastically improve as an athlete, he is the person to go see.”

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